The Facial Abuse Gaia Video Gaia Degraded on Facial Abuse

Facial Abuse Gaia Video

I wasn't at the helm the first time Gaia spread her legs for Facial Abuse, but I'm glad to be here this time around. First things first... for a five foot one, petite China woman... this slut packs a punch. I thought for sure she'd be barfing all over the place but this little fucker could deep throat in ways I've never seen before. She took Pauly Harker balls deep with no problem whatsoever. Then, she literally shoved her entire hand down her throat to get her to throw up. That didn't work either. Trust me guys... I tried my best. Here's the good news, Gaia is a total fucking babe. Yeah, her tits look like two big bolt-ons... but I don't fucking care. I love big tits and I love Asians.

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